The world of movement arts whenever and wherever you like.

Dynamic Move is a system of mixed movement flows to keep you mobile and healthy over a lifetime.

Movement training is nothing new. But movement flows are. Movement flows are an unconventional way of approaching bodyweight exercise. It’s about natural, perhaps unfamiliar ways of moving your body. Flowing is an art of moving and living dynamically, as it were.

Flow in Life as in Movement

The word “flow” may be thrown around loosely. In movement training, a flow links one bodyweight exercise to the next in smooth, fluid transitions. Movement flows often balance diverse movement patterns like pushing, pulling, twisting, or stability movements like planks. Much like vinyasa yoga or tai chi, the energetic focus is on the fluid transitions, instead of repeating only one or two exercises for a length of time followed by rest. “Flow” in life relates to these movements – being completely absorbed in whatever we’re doing at present. This flow happens when an activity is neither too easy nor too difficult – and we tend to lose track of time in the process. Dynamic Move videos reflect this concept of flow.

Top 10 Reasons to do Dynamic Movement Flows

1. Dynamic Moves are Fun

Boredom – Never. We compile or devise – and regularly practice – hundreds of movement flows, giving you the best of bodyweight training available online. And continue adding more. Inspired by the vast world of human movement arts – calisthenics, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, and even children playing – you will move with greater ease than ever before. This is no typical “system” or program. This is a way of life to keep you moving freely throughout your life.

2. Your body unbound. Your mind free.

Learn limitless ways of moving your body no matter your age, flexibility, or skill level. Get online training in whatever skill you’d like to learn – for free, without having to travel to a gym, workshop, or expensive certification program. Whether it’s moving into a deeper, internal meditative state of bodymind awareness, or to get outwardly stronger and more flexible, you will find diverse ways of moving your human body for long-term health and mobility. We combined decades of specialized training programs to develop unlimited movement patterns drawn from a myriad of disciplines like martial arts, yoga, dance, gymnastics, primal movement, calisthenics, and parcours. At Dynamic Move, our contributors regularly practice the movement flows, otherwise we would be sharing second-hand information with no direct experience of our own.

Welcome to a different kind of bodyweight training. However you name the exercises – dynamic movement, natural movement, movement flows, mobility training, mixed movement arts, functional movement, yoga sequences, yin yang yoga flows, katas, bodyweight exercises, strength and flexibility workouts, bodyweight flows, to name a few – you will find a flow that resonates with you on Dynamic Move. We’ve taken complex movements and broken them down to its least common denominator so you can perform them correctly and efficiently.

3. The Dynamic Difference

At 80 or 90, do you want to sit statically in your armchair relishing how much you used to deadlift? Will you be able to squat down pain-free while playing with your grandchild, carry a load of sweet potatoes from the garden, sit comfortably on the ground, and stand up again?

You could do a 100 pushups, 100 pullups, and a 100 squats, which is good. You could even perform a flawless human flag or muscle-up, which is impressive. Or, you could move functionally like an animal in nature or flow like a shaolin monk. We believe the latter is better to maintain long-term joint mobility. Traditional rep/set schemes, repetitive movement patterns, heavy weights, highly specialized training programs, body-part training, and the like – can lead to overuse, injury, or boredom over time. Israeli movement master and MMA trainer Ido Portal says that “the real secret for longevity – is diversity in movement practice.”

4. Flows Demand Your Attention

Movement flows can be highly complex movements, and the bodyweight exercises themselves are highly demanding – requiring strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility, motor control, mobility, power, and agility. The flows demand a sustained and concentrated state of mind to perform, whether it’s a slow yogic flow or a fast-paced HIIT session.

5. Flows are Functional in Nature

Movement flows train your mind and body to perform a super-charged mixed medley of efficient flows to promote healthy joints and build lean muscle that are functional in nature. Dynamic Moves work your body in all planes, axes, and directions varying tempo, intensity, duration through your entire range of motion both in the air and on the ground. Anyone – from grandparents to professional athletes – can benefit from the basic movement flows to prevent injury and improve their mobility in all their activities in life. The more strenuous flows are particularly useful for anyone who works in strenuous conditions like construction workers, law enforcement, military, search and rescue teams, or firefighters.

6. Move into Stillness

Personalize the movement flows as you like. Want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or get a good metabolic workout? Flow in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. Set your watch and go for 1-5 minute rounds – flow like fire. Want to enter a deeper state of awareness linking mind and body, ie, a moving meditation of diverse yoga postures? Move slower, focus your gaze, breathe deeply – flow like water.

7. Generalists – Not Specialists

Dynamic Move is about being a generalist – being adept at a variety of movements in different environments. Much like our indigenous counterparts still living in natural surroundings, these people must be generalists to live and survive in nature. You might not have to struggle for survival in nature anymore, but – like a limber lion – you do have to adequately feed, rest, and move your body to live a long, healthy life. You will practice a balanced repertoire of primal moves – balancing, crawling, climbing, jumping, lifting, throwing, rolling, running, swimming. Even if you require specialized training in a particular sport, you can use movement flows to improve your overall bodymind conditioning to be the best you.

8. Only Basic Tools Needed

No expensive fitness gadgets or tools to buy. The bodyweight exercises use rudimentary tools that you can pick up for cheap or make on your own. We play with sand, rings, suspension trainers, rocks, or other people.

9. Dynamic Tutorials

Subscribe and get detailed, step-by-step tutorials to learn the movement flows. Learn at your convenience whenever and wherever you like. Connect with our movement specialists via Skype and get one-on-one support via Skype and continued guidance in your practice.

10. Flow for Free

Some of the best things in life are indeed free. 3 top reasons why dynamicmove.net is free:

1. Freedom of movement is a birthright. How can you patent a sequence of natural movements we were born instinctively to do? This applies the same to language.

2. With so much information on bodyweight training available free of charge, you can learn most things for free anyway given the time and ambition.

3. Free doesn’t mean low quality. For example, some of the best meditation training you can receive is free at many Buddhist retreats. Some of the most effective training can be done alone or in groups outdoors for free.

 Bonus Reasons to Move Dynamically

Dynamic Eating

From paleo to raw vegan, let a more natural diet fuel your movement flows. We scour the net to find simple vegan and paleo recipes and make them simpler. We make sure the ingredients are local and in season. We try them out, maybe tweak a thing or two to make things easier or tastier, and share the recipe.

No Brands – No Bull

Dynamic Move is not about a brand name or a trademarked clever name, nor will it ever be. It’s not about pricey certifications. It’s not about inflating egos and pocketing big profits. It is sustainable, though, and so the site supports itself through paid subscriptions, retreats, or affiliates. Sure, we have awesome training programs that are effective and affordable if you would like to teach movement flows in your profession. And we share other effective programs as well that might help you with your bodyweight training.

Open Source Movement

Share the knowledge. Harness the energy found in flowing in a group. Feel free to use the video instruction to move with friends outdoors or indoors. There is no special certification required, no trademarks to protect, and no royalties to worry about. Human movement is open, free, and natural.

Dynamic Learning

“Sitting is Death,” says Dr. Kelly Starrett – coach, physical therapist, Crossfit trainer, and author of Becoming a Supple Leopard.

We were meant to move and sitting in a classroom or office all day doesn’t cut it. So we’re changing the way the world learns using technology to our mobile advantage. Instead of lecture halls, think of empty rooms of mats where students can move around and change sitting positions as they listen for hours during the day. Instead of sitting hunched over a computer screen, use a workstation that allows you to squat, kneel, sit, or stand while you work. Better yet, use apps on your mobile device to work while seated in a yin yoga pose at home or walking in the woods.

Share your Style

Have a particular bodyweight flow you’d like to share? Be a contributor and submit your video to dynamicmove.net. It could be anything – a martial art, a dance, a yoga sequence, or a creative and informed strength circuit. We’ll review the flow, give it a whirl, and post your video if it’s a good fit on our site.