Is Dynamic Move just another fitness program?

Negative. One of the advantages of Dynamic Move tutorials is diversity of styles and teachings in one place. Our goal is to compile the mass (and growing) amounts of fitness information on the Internet and reduce it to the fundamentals. Info consolidators, if you will. In the case of Dynamic Move, the compilation is of human movement. This isn’t simply repackaging source material. We research the information, extract the essential elements, and practice and practice some more. We then let you and other professionals review the result via our website and social media pages.

The advantage of this approach is one of credibility. As a provider of open-source human movement, we don’t use only one “guru” or way to guide us. It’s similar to having a third or fourth physician’s opinion before going under the knife for surgery. Put another way, would you rather spend thousands of dollars on one yoga school’s approach, or take advice from experts in human biomechanics, physical therapy, strength and conditioning coaches, pain management specialists, and orthopedic physicians? Dynamic Move further encourages peer reviews via ratings on our youtube channel, website, and social media pages. In this sense, our videos are “dynamic,” i.e., they may change and will improve over time without having to reinvest your money in new programs once new information comes to light.

Unlike paid programs, we do not sell systems or gadgets, solicit subscribers, or tout one program over another. Like Tough Mudder challenges or permaculture principles, we’re about cooperation, not competition. We respect that fitness professionals must earn a living by selling their services, so Dynamic Move gives credit where credit is due by linking to their sites. We are not trying to add anything new or take away from the world of movement and fitness. Au contraire, we add value to the hundreds of professionals who dedicate their time and energy in their field of expertise.

Why do you offer the videos for free?

Dynamic Move offers the information at no cost, but the fact is it costs time and money to make the videos. Hours of R&D, equipment, manpower, Internet hosting and data costs, and opportunity costs are some of the expenses we incur. In order to be sustainable financially, we ask for contributions instead of soliciting payment for yet another “new and improved” exercise program that continues to change over time. Of course, contributions are sin compromiso (no obligation) as they say in Spanish, but they are indispensable!

For whom is Dynamic Move not ideal?

For the professional athlete competing in a sport, your trainer and coach will be in charge of programming so you can compete at your best. When you decide to “retire” early from intensive training sessions (often as a result of injuries or age), then your focus may shift to simply staying healthy and taking care of your joints. At this point, Dynamic Move videos will serve you well.

Why do some videos have a Dynamic Move watermark?

Only home-grown videos bear the Dynamic Move watermark. They are filmed in a variety of locations, but are mainly shot on “the farm” – an outdoor movement lab in Central America.